shaped doy pack with top spout


shaped doy pack with top spout,it is another presentation based on top spout doypack,It is usually intended to describe a bag with bottom gusseted, so when the product is filled into the bag, the bottom will expand and works as a supporting base for the package, that will cause the bag to well stand on the shelf.and its shape is customized and designed as per customer's favourite.

With doy pack pouchand bags rapidly becoming more common, shapes are a new frontier for brands to differentiate from competitors and stand apart on the shelf.Shaped pouches provide a guaranteed way to stand out on retail shelves.With a wide range of in-house pouch converting equipment and die-cutting technology, we can design and manufacture customized pouches with modern, ergonomic shapes.Die-cut shapes can reinforce your branding, add convenience by making a package easier to use, and even provide structural benefits such as providing additional stability or preventing “stress cracking”.Our modern die-cutting equipment allows us to produce uniquedoy packshapes outside of the norm, without compromising efficiency. Whether you need simple shapes or rounded corners, or you need shapes far more complex, we have the capabilities to produce your shaped pouches effectively.

Optional material structure:







Applictaion of machine:

Spout pouch filling machine

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