Prerequisites of using the spout pouch filler

Aug 22,2019 | Views: 1654

Spout pouch filler, just as the name suggests, it is a kind of filling and capping machine that is filled thru the another word, if you want to use this kind of machine, the doypack spout cap need to own a certain of using prerequisites.

-Spout gap

spout gap

Spout gap, it is the key prerequisites of using the spout pouch filler, no matter to use which style of them, it all required a gap to hang the spout pouch.

-Pre-cut AL foil security

Pre-cut AL foil security

If there is any foil security on the top of doypack spout, which means the machine can not fill the products from here.

-Cap saw teeth

Cap saw teeth

The doypack cap require owning a certain of saw teeth, or the capping equipment cannot lock tight the cap.

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