premade vacuum pouch filling packing machine


premade vacuum pouch filling packing machine,this is a kind of pouch filling packing machine which is suitable for ready made foods that need to be vacuum packing.

Features of premade vacuum pouch filling packing machine:

1-Fully automatic. Clip the bag, open the bag, fill the bag. Sealing and output the packages.
2-Easy to operate. The machine adopts Imported PLC control,  and human-machine interface with touch screen control system.
Frequency control system. Adopts Frequency Controller, the operator can regulate the packaging speed.
3-Automatic detection. If the bag is not opened or not opened completely, there will be no feeding and no sealing, so that the pouch can be reused. In this way, you can avoid wasting materials, and reduce production costs.
4-Stainless steel. Main parts of the machine are made with Stainless steel, so that the machine can meet food hygiene standard, and get a longer service life.
5-Good sealing quality and very low bag broken rate.  
Packaging a wide range, by choosing a different feeder. The machine can be applied to the liquid, paste, particle, powder, irregular lumps and other packaging materials.
6-This packaging line include a filling and sealing machine, a multihead weigher, a z bucket elevator, and a working platform.

Standard Equipments of premade vacuum pouch filling packing machine

-Bag feeding conveyor
-Bag opening blade with full opening detector
-P. I. D. Temperature controller
-Stainless Steel Construction
-Graphical color touch panel
-Discharge conveyor

Optional Equipments:
1. Zipper opening and closing device
2. Second filling position
3. Safety-guards with safety-switches
4. Date coder (Ribbon or Embossing or ink-jet type)

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