plastic container sealing machine


plastic container sealing machine,it is a kind of filling & sealing machine which specialized used for filling and sealing of plastic food container,dividing into full automatic and semi-automatic style.It is used for custom filling and sealing of plastic bowls, boxes, and other containers. Can be customized for packing ice cream, yogurt, milk, soymilk, chilli sauce, juice, honey, ketchup, mineral water and so on.By changing dosing unit, it can also pack granule and powder .There are many models in this series of  Filling and Sealing Machine able to satisfy with the different kinds of containers. The machine is all made of stainless steel. We also can make special ones according to customer’s requirement.

Working process of plastic container sealing machine

1# Automatic fallen one by one;
2# Automatic measure  filling;
3# Automatic UV sterilization;
4# Automatic print dates (optional device);
5# Automatic twice sealing;
6# Automatic cutting foils;
7# Automatic recycle waste films;
8# Automatic pushing out finished plastic food containers;
(covering can be added)

Other optional device

Whole the plastic container sealing machine made of stainless steel or frame of machine made of stainless steel;
Open dust cover door detector to keep production safe;
CIP system;
Conveyor belt to transport finished plastic food containers;
Printing machine to print date or lot numbers;
Air compressor to supply compressed air for machine running;
Stainless steel pump and pipe to feed product;
Nitrogen generator to supply nitrogen;

Feature of plastic container sealing machine:

A: control system: Controller: PLC, Japan Omron control parts。
All the machine are pneumatic ,to make sure the machine can operation stable.
B: seal device :Two-heat seal ,to seal well .
C: molds :used acid proof molds .
D: All the machine Frame outsourcing are 304 stainless steel ,but the filling system and all touch the products are all made of 304 stainless steel.
E: cylinder :Tai wan "AIRTAC"
F: electric parts :are all famous brand from all over the world.
G: Filling system :screw feed and press tightly type
H:Touch Screen 
4.body of machine :A3# Steel frame ,panel must also be protected from eletrico 'water-tight, waterproof.

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