How to select the doypack machines based on the filling content?

Aug 30,2021 | Views: 432

About the doypack machine filling content, it plays a leading role in the selection on the spout pouch style/spout cap style, as well as the selection of doypack machines style, meanwhile, they must be compatible each other.

So, how to select the style based on the filling content?

1-Liquid/semi-liquid state

Normally, it is suitable for all kind of spout pouch style and suggested to select the machine style which is filled from the spout. That is spout pouch filling machine series.

spout pouch filling machine series

2-Liquid, semi-liquid or powder/granule state

Normally, it is only suitable for the corner spout doypack and suggested to select the doypack machines style is which filled from the top of pouch. That is premade pouch filling and sealing machine series.

premade pouch filling and sealing machine series

Sure, above regular pattern of selection is considered from the perspective of doypack filling machine manufacturers, it is feel more reasonable, but it is also existed some “unconventional” selection, for example, For the liquid, semi-liquid and powder, some customers select the horizontal doypack machine, maybe this is their customary way of selection, that is his market competitors use this kind of machine.

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