How to measure the dimension of stand up pouches with spout?

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As three key point of stand up pouch dimensions,that is length,width and 1/2 bottom gusset width,they are one of important factor of calculating the product unit price,as well as the necessary requirement of designning the stand up pouch artwork.So,how to measutre them?

1-Have the sample stand up pouches with spout

That means you own a sample pouch in hand(maybe you get it from your competitor or the other stand up spout pouch manufacturers china

(1)length and width

Measure them from the”top point”to”top point”

measure the dimension of normal shape doypack

(2)1/2 bottom gusset width

A-If it is K-seal bottom, inserted the ruler into the bottom,and measure it from there.

how to measure the K-seal bottom

B-If it is U style bottom,found out the”sealing point”of bottom gusset,and measure it from there.

how to measure the U-style bottom

3-About the dimension of shaped pouch

Here we must special point out that the dimension of shaped stand up pouches with spout,usually,it is much larger than the one of normal shaped one by 10%-30%,this is because all the shape of pouch is customized and non-immobilization,so,in order to ensure the filling volume is changeless,the pouch need to be enlarge the dimension(length and width) to deduct the part which be cutted off for the shape.

measure the dimension of shaped doy pack

4-Without a sample pouch

If it is your first time to adopt by stand up pouch withes spout,and without any sample pouch in hand,you can refer to the dimension from here.

dimension of doy-pack with top spout

dimension of corner spout doy-pack

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