About 2 different kinds of spout pouch packaging

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Along with the development of technology,maybe you can find two different kinds of spout pouch packaging circulating in the market.One is the traditional pre-made spout pouch style,that is made by traditional pouch making technical process;another is a kind of full-automatic product which made from the hffs machine.So,what is their difference?

At beginning of 2011,in china,it had started appearing out this style of spout pouch(I saw it in Guangzhou Canton Fairs),however,its finished quality is really terrible,from 2013 to 2014,I received some sample pouches from an European customer(theirs hffs HFFS machine is come from European),but the finished quality is still un-satisfied to me,Actually,comparing with the traditional pre-made pouch,it can save a lot of labour cost and time.However,in my opinion,it is the only one advantage and its disavantage is still obvious.

1-Embossing of spout sealing

Embossing of traditional pre-made one(area of spout sealing) is evenly and nice,but the embossing of this kind of pouch is always irregular,sometime,the spout even didn't be fixed properly.

Embossing of spout sealing

2-Corner of pouch

Four corner of pre-made one is round and tidy,but the corner of this kind of spout pouch packaging always uneven.

corner of pouch

3-Edge sealing of pouch

Edge sealing width of pre-made spouted pouches is equal(tolerance between +-1mm),but edge sealing width of this kind of pouch always unequal(tolerance from+-2mm to +-3mm),sometime,it even exist an area of “non sealing”.

Edge sealing of pouch

4.Leakage percent of pouch

The pre-made one always require to be inspected by the traditional test method(pressure testing) and equipment test method(leakage testing) frequently,but if the hffs machine exist such two functions to check out any leakage risk?I don’t know.

leakage testing method

Why this kind of spout pouch bag exist these problems?

1-The reason to cause 1st-3rd problem is relatively simple,that is the operation tolerance of machine,it is ineluctable at the beginning period of machine running,However,while the hffs machine has been run for a period time,some problems would be appeared out slowly(such as the machine running deviation,machine cutting blade start changing blunt and so on), the hffs machine can only obey the "commands".the pre-made one is finished by the semi-automatic pouch making machine,this kind machine must be operated by the working staffs with long term operation experience,they can foresee or find out what problems exist and solve them by theirs”experience” at the same time.

2-The reason to cause 4nd problem is relatively complex,above problems is the inner factor to cause the leakage risk, without the better testing method for the leakage percent of pouch,sometime,the leakage possibility which made from hffs machine will be quite high(even up to 50%),instead,the pre-made spout pouch packaging need to be sampling frequently(5mins/time),while the leakage problem has been found out during the pouch making process,the machine operator will make the adjustment accordingly until the problem is exactly solved out,at the same time,the machine operator will also”presume”a pasteurized situation(pasteurized the pouch in the 90degree boiling water) to inspect if exist any leakage possibility.

Generally speaking,these two kinds of spout pouch packaging have their own advantage,as well as the disadvantage.Which one is better?I think you have an answer in your mind.

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