How to define the pasteurization in China?

Oct 25,2019 | Views: 858

Pasteurization, it is a kind of process in which foods(such as milk, jelly, fruit juice and etc.)are treated with temporary and mild heating(60~90℃),to eliminate pathogens and extend shelf life.

Generally speaking,as per the different pasteurized objects, the pasteurization can be divided into two types, but in china, these two pasteurization process has two different meaning.

1-Non-packaged food pasteurization

Non-packaged food pasteurization

That is heating the foods up to a certain temperature and keep it at 90C approximately, then fill the food inside the packaging, in China, here we call it as “pre-pasteurization ".

2-Pre-packaged food pasteurization

Pre-packaged food pasteurization

That is to further eliminate pathogens which hided inside the foods and packaging, in China, here we call it as “pasteurization".

So, if there is any flexible packaging manufacturer in china ask you such a question: “Do your foods require to be pasteurization?”, you should confirm which types of pasteurization they means, or it will be easily caused them use the wrong raw materials to production the packaging.

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