How to define pasteurization in China?

Oct 25,2019 | Views: 61

Maybe you meet with such a situation

Packaging supplier:”if your food required to be pasteurized?”,”what is the temperature and how many mins?”Do you think this is an irrelevant question for the packaging that you are talking about?

Generally speaking,thetypes of pasteurizationcan be divided into two kinds according to the different pasteurized objects

1-For the foods

pasteurization process for foods

We called it as “1st pasteurization process”

2-For the pre-packed foods

pasteurization process for pre-packed foods

We called it as “2nd pasteurization process”

Usually,pasteurization meaning 2nd process in China,and most of customers was mistaken it as 1st process and offer the wrong data information,it will let the packaging suppliers make a misunderstanding and production the packaging by a wrong materials structure,finally cause a high packaging cost


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