How many units of packaging per KG of packaging roll film?

Dec 20,2019 | Views: 1177

How many units of packaging can be produced per KG of packaging roll film? If this is your first time to import such a kind of packaging style, exactly, this data is quite important for you, because it can help you to calculate out whole the packaging cost that you need to analyze (included the import tax, freight charges and etc.), however, it is impossible to get this information from your competitors. So, where to get this information?

Surely, the answer is come from the packaging film suppliers, however, you need to supply below data:

1-Packaging film structures/ packaging film thickness

material structures and thickness of packaging roll film

2-Eye mark distance and width of packaging roll film

eye mark distance and width of packaging roll film

However, it is noted that the information supplied from your film suppliers maybe is theoretical, actually, there is still 2%-3% tolerance and these tolerance is mainly originated from the stage of your trial production, so, the actual information should based on subtracting these tolerance.

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