foil lids


foil lids,it is a kind of pre-cutting lidding material from aluminium foil intended for sealing of plastic cups or containers for different types of products.

aluminum foil lids can be divided into different thicknesses: 30, 35 or 38 microns, and used in the food industry for sealing plastic cups or container (PP, PS, PET), protecting their contents.foil lid is used in the food industry play a double role: (1)help sealing the products;(2)an important promotion channel.additional,depending on the equipment used for applying the lid on the container and the requested effect, we do several types of embossing ,such as Bidirectional needle embossing/Unidirectional needle embossing/Vermicular or classic emboss /Rim emboss/Logo emboss.

Optional material structure:

Printing/AL/PP Lacquer

Printing/AL/PS Lacquer

Printing/AL/PET Lacquer

Application of machine:

plastic cup filling machine

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