Foil lid and aluminum sealing film - two different yogurt cup packaging materials

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In the dairy industries, plastic cup presentation is the most commanded used packaging materials, here let’s negotiation two different sealing materials for plastic yogurt cup, that is foil lid and aluminum sealing film

1- Aluminum sealing film

This kind of yoghurt cover film is mainly made of composite material, and the structure is composed of polyester/aluminum foil / heat seal layer (PET/AL/EVA). The aluminum foil layer plays a very important role in the production process. Aluminum foil has a clean, hygienic and antibacterial effect, tasteless, odorless, non-volatile, and has wide applications in food and drug packaging, architectural decoration, electronic equipment and other fields. The aluminum foil for yoghurt sealing film is in line with national environmental standards, food standard product technical requirements, to ensure the environmental and product health and safety. And the product has no effect on the substrate film after cooking at 121 °C-125 °C, and the easy tear effect is good, and there is no yogurt residue on the sealing surface.

Aluminum sealing film

2- Yogurt foil lid

Aluminum foil lid used in the yoghurt cover film is mostly made of 8021 aluminum foil, also called sealing aluminum foil. The 8021 aluminum foil is safe and non-toxic, the cup has a high convex value, and can reach the brush A grade. It is the best choice for all kinds of yogurt lids cover materials and milk powder lids cover materials. This kind of packaging materials not only has good barrier properties, but also guarantees the quality of the products. Moreover, while improving the grade of yogurt products, it is also necessary to ensure the convenience of consumers. The 8011-O yogurt aluminum foil lids has fewer pinholes, good barrier properties and heat sealing properties, and the residual oil is clean, the surface is clean, the product reaches the food grade, can be contacted with the yogurt directly.

Yogurt foil lid

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the requirements for high quality and diversification of food packaging are getting higher and higher. Cup-shaped yogurt gradually penetrates into people’s lives, the choice of yoghurt sealing material is very important, both need to consider protecting yogurt and the convenience of consumers to open the drink. Foil lid or aluminum sealing film must be the best choice.

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