Flexible packaging film types

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About the flexible packaging film types, frankly speaking, most of buyers don’t know how to call them, usually, they like to call them based on the packaging content, such as "candy packaging film”, “jelly packaging film"......,sure, these name is all right, but not the professional terminology. Here let's introduce the specific classification of these flexible packaging film types, as well as theirs professional terminology.

1-roll stock film

roll stock film

Also named as pouch packaging film roll stock, it is applied to ffs packing machine to auto form/fill/seal into a certain of flexible pouch.

2-lidding films

lidding films

Also named as sealing film, it is a kind of special roll stock which are specialized for the sealing on to top of food container, in order to protect the shelf life of filled product.

3-shrink sleeve label

shrink sleeve label

It is a kind of film packaging materials which is applied to packaging container, seamed with an openings on the top and bottom to create a "sleeve”, once heat is applied to them, the sleeve will begin to shrink or compress to container.

4-die cut lids

die cut lids

It is a kind of pre-cutting aluminum foil intended for sealing of plastic cups or containers for different types of products.

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