Flexible packaging film

Flexible packaging film

Flexible packaging film

Flexible packaging film,it is a kind of flexible packaging materials which is putted into a roll stock film and wounded around a paperboard core.


form fill seal into pouch / sealing of container /conformed to the shape of container


- form fill seal pouch machine (for pouch packaging film)

- lidding film machine (for lidding film or foil lid)

- shrink sleeve applicator (for shrink sleeve)

what is flexible packaging film?

flexible packaging film,also well known as flexible packaging rollstock,it is a kind of laminated packaging films with a non-rigid structure and aids in the preservation and protection of their product.

It provides the consumer with fresh, attractive packaging,choose a mono or multilayer film to improve both the design aesthetics and packaging properties with barriers for oxygen, moisture,aroma and light,to meet the needs of extending the product shelf life.

Basic knowledge of flexible packaging film
flexible packaging film types
flexible packaging film types Jun 04 , 2019 About the flexible packaging film types,frankly speaking,most of buyers don’t know how to call them,usually,they like to call them based on the packaging content,such as "candy packaging film","jelly packaging film"......,sure,these name is all right,but not the professional terminolgy.Here let's introduce the specific classification of these flexible packaging film... Read More
flexible packaging film materials structures
flexible packaging film materials structures Jul 25 , 2019 The same as the other types of flexible packaging,the flexible packaging film are constituted by materials structures.As per the different flexible packaging film properties,it can be divided into many kinds of material we only introduce some common used flexible packaging film materials structures for your reference,not expalin theirs specific... Read More
filling and packing method of flexible packaging roll
filling and packing method of flexible packaging roll Jul 30 , 2019 How the flexible packaging roll packaging?in other words,that means how to select a right types of packaging machine for them?here just need to remember below precondition,it will be came to easy. types of flexible packaging film properties of flexible packaging films packaging machine roll stock... Read More
article of flexible packaging film
About the thickness of sealing films
About the thickness of sealing films Aug 20 , 2021 Total thickness of sealing films,that is the thickness sum of all the film layer after the lamination process,the thickness of common used printing layer and barrier layer is fixied(for example:PET12micron,AL7micron,Meatlized-PET12micron,Nylon15micron),and the thickness of peeling layer is variable and different,that is from 50mircon-80micron. ... Read More
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