What can I use instead of shrink sleeves?

May 14,2024 | Views: 28
If you're looking for alternatives to shrink sleeves for packaging or labeling purposes, there are several options you can consider, depending on your specific needs and preferences:

Pressure-sensitive labels: These are labels with an adhesive backing that can be applied to various surfaces simply by pressing them onto the packaging. They are versatile and come in a wide range of materials and finishes.

Wrap-around labels: Similar to shrink sleeves, wrap-around labels adhere to the container's surface but do not require heat shrinking. They can be applied using adhesive and are suitable for cylindrical containers like bottles and jars.

In-mold labels (IML): These labels are applied during the molding process of the container, integrating them seamlessly with the packaging. IML provides a high-quality, durable label that won't peel or scratch off.

Stretch sleeve labels: These labels are stretched and applied to the container without the need for heat shrinking. They offer a secure fit and are commonly used for beverage bottles.

Direct printing: Instead of using separate labels, you can directly print graphics, text, and branding onto the packaging material itself. This can be done using various printing methods such as flexography, digital printing, or screen printing.

Tamper-evident bands: If security is a concern, tamper-evident bands can be applied around the closure or neck of the container to indicate if the product has been tampered with.

Cardboard sleeves or wraps: For products like cans or boxes, you can use cardboard sleeves or wraps as an alternative to shrink sleeves. These can be printed with branding and product information and provide additional protection to the packaging.

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Each of these alternatives has its advantages and considerations, so it's essential to assess your specific requirements before deciding on the most suitable option for your product.

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