doy packs with corner spout

doy packs with corner spout,as another most common presentation of spout stand up pouch,it is presented as a square shape with K-seal bottom gusset and its spout cap located on the corner of pouch.It is usually intended to describe a bag with bottom gusseted, so when the product is filled into the bag, the bottom will expand and works as a supporting base for the package, that will cause the bag to well stand on the shelf. 

As the "spouts" are mainly used in the upper corner,so-called as "corner spouts pouch".This type of doy packs bag can be applied to very different products such as beverages, fruit pulp, personal care products ,cleaning agents,or powder and block products. depending on the application or product. its filling system can be filled from the top of pouch,as well as the spout of corner.Due to their high volume,doy packs with corner spout is usually used for the packing of 500ml-5L products.

Optional material structure:







Application of machine:

1#spout pouch filling machine(fill from spout)

2#rotary style pouch filling packing machine(fill from top of pouch)

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