doy packs with corner spout
doy packs with corner spoutDoy packs with corner spout are a popular presentation of the spout stand up pouch. They feature a square shape with a K-seal bottom gusset, and the spout cap is located on one of the corners of the pouch. This style of packaging is designed with a bottom gusset, allowing the bag to expand when filled and creating a stable base that enables it to stand upright on the shelf.

The corner spout, as the name suggests, is primarily located in the upper corner of the pouch. This type of doy pack can be used for a wide range of products, including beverages, fruit pulp, personal care products, cleaning agents, and even powder or block products. The filling system for these pouches can be from the top or through the spout in the corner. Doy packs with corner spouts are commonly used for products ranging from 500ml to 5L in volume.

Why Choose a Doypack with corner spout?

There are several reasons why a doy pack with a corner spout may be the ideal choice for your packaging needs. These include:

Durable and Functional: Doy packs with corner spouts are designed with durability in mind. The inclusion of a spout makes it easy to pour the contents of the pouch, enhancing convenience for consumers.

Customization Options: These pouches are available in various sizes and can be customized to suit your specific requirements. They can also be printed with your branding or design, further enhancing the visual appeal and marketability of the product.

Product Protection: By reducing oxidation and humidification, doy packs with corner spouts help maintain the freshness and quality of the contents. The resealable opening and lid allow for easy and secure closure between uses.

Sustainable Packaging Solution: With the growing focus on environmental sustainability, these pouches offer a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional packaging options. They can be made using high-quality and recyclable materials, reducing waste and promoting a greener approach.

Stand Out on the Shelf: The unique shape and functionality of doy packs with corner spouts help differentiate your products from competitors. The eye-catching design and ease of use can attract consumer attention and drive sales.

Industries Suited for Doy Packs with Corner Spout

Doy packs with corner spouts are well-suited to a variety of industries and products, especially those that require liquid-based or pourable contents. Some of the industries that commonly use these pouches include:

Alcoholic beverages

Yogurt and dairy products

Fruit juices

Shower gels and body wash

Cosmetics and personal care products

Powdered goods


The versatile nature of doy packs with corner spouts makes them a popular choice across these industries and beyond. They offer a convenient and efficient packaging solution while providing product protection and enhancing consumer appeal.

In conclusion, choosing a doy pack with a corner spout provides numerous advantages, including durability, customization options, product protection, sustainability, and shelf differentiation. These pouches are suitable for a wide range of industries and products, offering an easy-to-use and visually striking packaging solution.

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