cheer pack with spout
cheer pack with spoutThe Cheer Pack with Spout is a unique and innovative presentation of spouted bag. It is designed as a side gusset or flat bottom pouch style, with the spout cap located on the top of the pouch. This packaging solution was pioneered and named by Cheer Pack North America.

 Features of Cheer Pack with Spout

Bottom and Side Gussets for Stability

The Cheer Pack with Spout features both bottom and side gussets. When the product is filled into the bag, these gussets expand, creating a strong and supportive base for the package. This design allows the bag to stand upright and ensures stability on the shelf.


Stylish Appearance and Enhanced Communication

The quad-seals, side-gussets, and flat bottom of the Cheer Pack with Spout contribute to its elegant appearance. This sleek design not only catches the eye of customers but also provides ample space for branding and product information. These bags are an effective tool for attracting and engaging consumers on the store shelves.


Convenience and Functionality

The spout cap located on the top of the pouch provides ultimate convenience for pouring and dispensing the product. The resealable nature of the spout cap enables multiple uses, keeping the product fresh and preventing leakage. The Cheer Pack with Spout offers a user-friendly packaging solution that enhances the overall experience for consumers.


The versatility of the Cheer Pack with Spout makes it suitable for various industries and products, including:


Liquid and semi-liquid beverages

Sauces and condiments

Baby food and purees

Personal care products (shampoos, lotions, etc.)

Home cleaning products

In conclusion, the Cheer Pack with Spout takes the concept of spouted pouches to the next level by combining it with the stability provided by gusset pouches. This unique packaging solution offers both a stylish appearance and functional convenience. With its flat bottom, side gussets, and resealable spout cap, the Cheer Pack with Spout is an excellent choice for brands looking to attract attention, communicate effectively, and provide enhanced convenience to their customers.
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