Which kind of spouted pouch filler is more suitable for you?

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Which kind of spouted pouch filler is more suitable for you and your products, besides the major consideration, it need to analyze more in detailed.

1-Has your market competitor start using the spout pouch?

(1) If yes, that means it is a kind of promising packaging in your local market, you can purchase a sample product of your competitors and refer to them.

(2) If no, that means it may be a good business opportunity (because your competitors didn’t launch this kind of packaging yet), or there is any unknown factors cause them didn’t launch this kind of packaging.

No matter which kind of situation to be, it should be judged it based on your market sense, the safest method is purchase the manual style to test the market feedback and then make a future decision.

2-About your production output and local labor cost

(1) Low production output/labor cost, it is better to use manual style.

manual style spouted pouch filler

(2) High production output/low labor cost, it is it is better to use semi-auto style.

semi auto spout pouch packing machine

(3) High production output/labor cost, it is it is better to use full-auto style.

automatic spout pouch filler

3-The other complement equipment to be equipped with spout pouch filler

(1)Air compressor and nitrogen generator, because all the spout pouch packing machine is pneumatic.

air compressor and nitrogen generator

(2)CIP station, if your product required a high sanitary condition.

CIP station

4-Import tariffs

In some countries, the import tariffs of machine is quite heavy, before you purchase the spouted pouch filler, it is better to check out how much they are.

In a word, the total investment on whole a set of equippment is high, so, before you final select which kind from them, each factors all need to consider in detail.

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