What is aluminum washing standing pouches?

Apr 26,2021 | Views: 436
Aluminum washing is a technology used to create a partial transparent window or logo on packaging by hollowing out a portion of the aluminum foil or metalized layer. The process involves either alkali washing or water washing. Initially used in tobacco packaging, it has now been widely adopted in various industries, including flexible packaging such as standing pouches.


It's important to clarify that aluminum washing does not actually involve washing the aluminum foil itself, but rather the metalized layer. In China, aluminum foil and metalize are pronounced the same, leading to the misconception of "washing the aluminum foil."


The application of aluminum washing stand up pouch is most commonly seen in metalized stand up pouch. The material structure of the pouch typically consists of PET/Metalized-PET/LLDPE. By hollowing out a part of the metalized layer, it creates a window or logo on the standing pouch bag, allowing consumers to see the contents inside while still maintaining the packaging's barrier properties against moisture, oxygen, and sunlight.


However, there are some disadvantages to using aluminum washing for standing pouches. The washing process can result in a high loss rate of finished pouches. Additionally, the unit price of aluminum washing pouches tends to be expensive, and manufacturers often require a high minimum order quantity (MOQ).

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