What is aluminum washing standing pouches?

Apr 26,2021 | Views: 262

What is aluminum washing? As its name implies, this is a kind of technology that hollow out partial “aluminum foil” of packaging by the method of “alkali washing” or ”water washing”.at the beginning, it is only applied to the packaging of tobacco, as the technology continuing to be mature, it is widely applied to the other different industry, such as the flexible packaging(especially for standing pouches) , here we must clarify a misunderstanding on it, that is aluminum washing doesn’t really means “washing the aluminum foil”, but “washing the metalize”, as aluminum foil and metalize with the same pronunciation in China.

1-Method of aluminum washing

It is divided into two kinds: that is “alkali washing” and “water washing”, here we don’t go into their difference seriously

2-Application of aluminum washing on the standing pouches bag

Nowadays,metalized stand up pouch is the most common flexible pouch style of using the "aluminum washing”, it required the material structure of pouch must be “PET/Metalized-PET/LLDPE”, that is hollow out a partial “metalize” and let it as the ”window” or "logo”, it is not only let the material structure maintained it basic function(such as character against moisture/oxygen/sunshine),but also let the consumers could see the contents inside the standing pouches

3-Disadvantage of aluminium washing stand up pouch

As for the particularity of aluminum washing, it cause the finished standing pouches loss rate during the washing process is quite high, meanwhile, it bring with the expensive unit price as well as the high MOQ

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