What difference between full automatic and semi automatic spout pouch filling machine?

May 10,2021 | Views: 392

As far as the filling speed, they have not special difference at all, however, comparing with the semi-automatic spout pouch filling machine, some design of full automatic style has more humanized characteristic.

-Higher safety

dustproof cover of full automatic spout pouch filling machine

It is embodied at the dustproof cover, the glass of proof cover own the function of high temperature resistant/water vapor against/explosion-proof, it could prevent machine operators from accidental injuries at utmost, and the semi automatic spout pouch bag filling machine has not this design of dustproof cover.

-Higher working efficiency

U-slot of spout pouches filling machine

It is embodied at the saving of labor cost, the workers just need to hang the empty spout pouch onto the U-slot and the filling and capping process will achieve the fully automated, and the semi-auto style required matching up 2-3 workers to keep on hanging the empty pouch on the turntable of spout pouches filling machine

-Higher hygiene

CIP station of spout pouches filling machine

It is embodied at the cleaning of hopper and filling tube, the full automatic spout pouch filling machine assembling with the mini CIP cleaning system and the CIP connection (that is ensure the machinery hopper could connect with the CIP station), that achieve the cleaning fully automated, cleaning the residues of hopper at utmost, and the semi-automatic spout pouch filling machine can only manual cleaning the hopper by the workers.

Along with the high development of full automatic spout pouch filling machine,semi-automatic style had been discontinued, do you think it can be save more money? On the contrary, their prices are almost the same, will you continue to insist on buying a semi-automatic spout pouch filling machine?

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