The importance of preventing delamination in doy bag for quality assurance

Feb 29,2024 | Views: 122

Delamination in doy bag is a clear indicator of quality issues, as demonstrated in a recent video where the surface of the pouches showed visible cracking.

This problem can be attributed to two main causes.

Firstly, the use of incorrect lamination adhesives and solvents can lead to delamination. For instance, if a doy bag is filled with jelly and subjected to hot filling and pasteurization, the adhesive used may not be suitable for such conditions.

Secondly, the quality of the lamination technology plays a crucial role in preventing delamination. It is essential for doypack supplier to invest in high-quality lamination machines and ensure that their personnel have the necessary skills to operate them effectively.


Neglecting these aspects can result in compromised doy bag quality. It is crucial for doypack manufacturer to address these issues to maintain product integrity and customer satisfaction.

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