Testing the Leakage Problem of a 5 Liter Stand Up Bag

Nov 21,2023 | Views: 206
So, you've got a 5-liter stand up bag, and you're wondering if it can handle the pressure of a drop test? Well, fear not, because we've got just the solution for you!

stand up bag 

First off, let's talk about the Danish customer who dropped his stand-up pouch from a meter high and asked if our stand up bag could pass the same test. I couldn't help but smile at the challenge and decided to show him a video that would put his concerns to rest.


In the video, a guy (who stands at a modest 1.65 meters) took our doypack 5000ml for a spin in a leakage test. The first drop was from 1.5 meters, and just when you thought that was impressive, he went for round two at 1.6 meters.


So, what was the guy's expression after this daring feat? Well, let's just say it was nothing short of amazing. I mean, who wouldn't be amazed by a 5l spout bag that can handle a drop from such heights?

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