stand up pouches with zipper


stand up pouches with zipper,as another most common presentation of stand up pouch bag,it is developed from the heat seal stand up bags,its top is opened and matched a zip lock instead.

If your product needs completely secure and dry packaging, then this stand up pouches with zipper are a great option.With a window and zipper pouches, you can showcase your product to the customers.The window is a special transparent area of the pouch that lets you look at the product without opening the pouch. This helps you build your brand. There is a lot of room on a stand up pouches with zipper to tell your story. With the amount of real estate offered by pouch bags, you can easily print your product information there.Adding a zipper doesn’t drastically raise the cost of the pouch, so it’s an affordable solution.meanwhile,it is a good addition for solid products. If you are planning to get a zipper on the bag, make sure you also get tear notches. With a notch at each side, the customer can easily open the bag without looking for scissors or cutters. The zipper is located below the tear notches and can be used once the packet is torn open.

Why choose a stand up pouch?
stand up pouch bag offer a durable, highly customisable and sustainable type of packaging. They’re made of several layers of materials and come in various shapes and sizes that mean they can be adapted to suit the unique needs of a product and brand. Some of the other benefits include:
-Easy to store due to their flexible materials
-Cheap to transport throughout their lifecycle
-Helps to keep the products within fresh
-Highly customisable
-Additional features can be added

What industries are stand up pouches with zipper suited to?
Stand up pouches with zipper are suited to almost all products, especially when considering the different features that can be added in, such as euro punched handles, tear notches, spouts and more. Stand up pouches are used in almost every industry, and we’ve helped many different businesses find a solution for them, such as those in the following sectors:

-Food and perishables
-Drinks and liquids
-Pet foods and treats
-Gardening supplies
-Health and fitness
-Home DIY

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