stand up pouches with zipper
stand up pouches with zipper

Stand up pouches with zipper are a popular option for secure and dry packaging.


Design and Features

-They are developed from heat sealed stand up bags, with the top opened and fitted with a zip lock.

-A window can be incorporated, allowing customers to see the product without opening the pouch.

-There is ample space on the pouch to display product information and build your brand.

-The addition of a zipper does not significantly increase the cost, making it an affordable solution.

-Tear notches are recommended alongside the zipper for easy opening without the need for scissors or cutters.


-Stand up pouches with zipper offer durability, customizability, and sustainability.

-They can be adapted to suit unique product and brand needs, with various sizes and shapes available.

-These pouches are easy to store and transport due to their flexible materials.

-They help maintain the freshness and quality of the products.

Additional features such as euro punched handles, tear notches, and spouts can be added.

Suited Industries

Stand up pouches with zipper are well-suited to various industries, including:

Food and perishables

Drinks and liquids

Pet foods and treats

Gardening supplies


Health and fitness


Home DIY



These stand up pouch bag provide a reliable and customizable packaging solution for a wide range of products. They are widely used across various industries and offer benefits such as secure sealing, product visibility, and ease of use.

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