production output and mould plate of filling sealing machine

Oct 11,2019 | Views: 81

Maybe you meet with such a situation

You:”what is the production output of your machine?”

filling and sealing machine manufacturers:”** mould/min”


Do you think it is an irrelevant answer for your question?of course not, conversely,it is more professional,why?

1-what is the mould plate offilling sealing machine?

what is the mould plate of filling sealing machine

(1)it is an important component of installing onto the chain of machine,like the chain of a tank

(2)each mould plate shows a certain of quantity,such as 10 line/mould,that is each mould plate could fill 10 units of container

2-how to calculate out the speed of fill and seal?

It requires another two technical parameter:

(1)the capacity of each container(gram or ml/line)

(2)the operation frequency of mould plate(** mould/min)

So the speed(*gram or ml/hour)=*gram or ml/line x *line/mold x *mold/min x 60min

This value is equal to the production output of filling sealing machine(per hours),you can multiply it by the working hours of each days in your plant,to see if it is meet with your actual production output per day


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