lidding machine

lidding machine

lidding machine

what is a lidding machine?

lidding machine,it is a kind of automatic filling and sealing machine which specialized for the plastic food packaging containers,it is used to heat seal the film to the top of pre-formed containers and be capable of containing the foods within them

Throughout its development history,in a sense,this kind of machine is the derivatives of the food packaging containers and evolving along with its development,in terms of technology and stability of machine,its development is relatively mature and stable,meanwhile,it is less expensive than the thermoforming filling and sealing machine,it is still play a irreplaceable role in the industry of beverage food

lidding machine application

·  Liquid foods

·  Semi-liquid food

Basic knowledge of lidding machine
types of lidding machine
types of lidding machine Jun 18 , 2019 as per the diffferent pre-formed food containers and the lidding material,the types of lidding machine can be divided into below three kinds Read More
lidding machine process
lidding machine process Aug 29 , 2019 As per the different food container style and lidding materials,the lidding machine process can be divided into below three types cups filling and sealing machine foil lid machine fully automatic tray sealing machine Read More
article of lidding machine
production output and mould plate of filling sealing machine
production output and mould plate of filling sealing machine Oct 11 , 2019 Maybe you meet with such a situation You:”what is the production output of your machine?” filling and sealing machine manufacturers:”** mould/min” You:”???” Do you think it is an irrelevant answer for your question?of course not, conversely,it is more professional,why? 1-what is the mould plate offilling... Read More


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