plastic cups


plastic cups,it is a kind of traditional rigid packaging products which is made out of plastic and most commonly used as disposable plastic cups to hold liquid foods.

The way plastic is made depends a lot on which type of plastic there is used for the plastic cups.The kind of plastic there is used for making the plastic cups do also have a large influence on their impact on the environment,the three different types of plastic is PP ,PS and PET plastic.The plastic cups are made through a process called injection molding, where the plastic materials are mixed with liquids and inserted into the template for plastic cups, that determines the size and thickness of the cups. So what influences if the plastic cups are made as a disposable or reusable one depends on the templates the manufacturer uses. This is actually still a rather big set-up for the manufacturer, which is also the reason why manufacturers specialised in either making disposable plastic cups or reusable plastic cups.

Optional materials of cup




Application of machie:

plastic cup filling machine

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