lidding film


lidding film,also named as sealing film,it is a kind of special rollstock which are specialized for the sealing on to top of food container,in order to protect the shelf life of filled product.

It is typically used as a closure on plastic container(such as plastic bowls, cups, or trays) that hold products like yogurt, soup, meats, cheese, and many other food products,with the essential strength, peelability, puncture resistance and barrier properties required to maintain the product freshness,our high quality lidding films provide great shelf presence and extended shelf life for a variety of ‘easy peel’ or ‘weld seal’ (un peelable)applications.We have years of experience matching the correct film type with a particular plastic container material and offer lidding film solutions for a wide range of types, including PP, PET, PVC, PS. We can also match your lidding requirements with thermoform, semi-rigid bottom web films.

Optional material structure:






Application of machine:

1#plastic cup filling machine

2#plastic food container sealing machine

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