How to distinguish the aluminium pouches with spouts?

Sep 20,2021 | Views: 114

What is aluminium pouches with spout?it is a kind of pouches with spouts which made by”PET/AL/Nylon/LLDPE”or”PET/AL/Nylon/RCPP”,when you get a spout pouch sample in hand,how to confirm it is composed by these kind of material structure?Here let me introduce some simple method.

  • By hand feeling method

Because the foil pouches with spout is composed by 4 layers,comparing with the other pouches with spouts which made by 2 or 3 layer material structure,its hand feeling is heavier and thicker;

hand feeling method

  • By bottom gusset colors method

This method is applied to the U-style spout pouch

1-Bottom gusset color is dark silver,that means the pouch made by PET/AL/Nylon/LLDPE or PET/AL/Nylon/RCPP;

2-Bottom gusset color is bright silver,that means the pouch made by PET/metalized-PET/LLDPE;

bottom gusset colors method

  • By destructive method

This method is applied to the W-bottom style pouches with spouts,because this kind of spout pouch is made by the special pouch making machine,we can not distinguish the pouch material structure through the bottom gusset color,the only way is destroy the pouch (directly shear the pouch body).

destructive method

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