gusset pouch styles

May 30,2019 | Views: 733

About the gusset pouch styles,most of buyers like to directly call them based on the packaging content,sure,these name is all right,but not the professional terminolgy.Here let's introduce the specific classification of these gusset pouch styles,as well as theirs professional terminolgy.

  • side gusset pouch

side gusset pouch

As a most common used gusset pouch styles,it is named by its gusset,when bags get filled,the both side gussets expand,bottom part is heat sealed while the top part is left open for filling and to be sealed.

  • bottom gusset pouch

bottom gusset pouch

Also named as box pouch(looks like a brick when it is filled),their flat bottom enables them to steadily stand, thus offering an elegant appearance to attract customers on the shelves,widely used for the packaging of to package spices,chocolate,coffee,tea and etc.

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