Buying Pouch Filling and Sealing Machine | Vital Questions to Ask 

Jul 21,2021 | Views: 899

Purchasing a pouch filling and sealing machine is a substantial investment. It's important to ask your packaging equipment manufacturer the right questions to determine whether their machinery is the right fit for your business. Here are four key questions to ask your OEM before signing that purchase order.

1. What Is The Layout Of The Packaging Machine?

There are two main layouts for pouch fill and seal machines: Rotary and Inline. An inline machine is designed with the beginning and ending points of the process at opposite ends of the equipment and, as such, requires more floor space. A rotary pouch filling and sealing machines are designed to carry out their operations in a circular fashion, with the start and endpoints of the process right next to each other. A rotary design requires minimal floor space and maximizes operator efficiency and ergonomics, and as a result, it is our top choice for this type of equipment.

2. How Long Does It Take To Change Over To Different Bag Sizes?

When a Doypack machine is adjusted to accommodate different bags, the machine is down and not producing. Excessive time spent on changeovers is one of the chief operational complaints from manufacturers and contract packagers, as it eats into their productivity and bottom line.

3. How Durable Are Critical Machine Components?

It's what's "under the hood" that counts, both for cars and packaging machines. A pouch filling and sealing machine can look great from the outside, but if key components and wear parts are built from cheap materials, the equipment can end up costing you more money over the long term, both in parts and downtime for maintenance. Watch for an overabundance of plastic or degradable building materials, as this can be an indication of future trouble.

4. Where Is the Machine's HMI Located?

The HMI, or Human Machine Interface, provides a text and graphics-based visualization of the packaging system. An HMI is the main interface between an operator and the Doypack machine and provides monitoring, controls, error reporting, and other functions. Modern HMIs are touch screens and intuitive to use.

When you have all your answers, you can buy the best pouch filling and sealing machine for yourself.

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