About the materials loss rate during the spoutbag making process

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In my pre-articles,the conception of “materials structure” had been mentioned frequently,Yes,the same as the other kinds of flexible packaging,the spoutbag is also composed by a certain of material structure,and also need to be passed some fixed production process,such as printing/lamination/slitting/pouch making(plus the spout sealing).Here it must be caused a certain of “materials loss”.

So,what is these materials loss of packaging spout bag?

materials loss rate of spout bags packaging during the production process

1-Materials loss of earlier stage

Maybe you feel puzzle about that:why the materials loss of earlier stage means the ones of 1st layer to 4th layer,but not during the printing process and lamination process?

(1)the materials structure of spoutbags could be categorized into three sorts(2 layer/3 layer/4 layer),however,no matter which sorts of materials structure to be used,they all need to be printed and laminated,1st layer only used for printing and the other layers all used for laminating.

(2)the materials loss of earlier stage with an associative character,the materials of previous layer is always”joint lossed” by the ones of subsequent layer,for example:

joint lossed

(3)-the materials loss of earlier stage is not only means the loss of materials,but also included the printing ink/solvent and the lamination glue/solvent.

2-Materials loss of later stage

After the printing and lamination process, the spoutbag has been almost”molded”, and then the” joint lossed”will be changed into”overall lossed”.

overall lossed

For example,the material structure of the spoutbag is “PET/PET/LLDPE”,then the materials loss as below:

example of materials loss rate

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