side gusset bag


side gusset bag,as a most common presentation of gusset pouch,it is named by its gusset,when bags get filled,the both side gussets expand,bottom part is heat sealed while the top part is left open for filling and to be sealed.

Side gusset bags and pouches are less box-shaped, which means they usually take up less space on the shelf. Some would argue, however, that side gusset bags are less aesthetically pleasing as a shelf display. But overall, side gusset bags still provide plenty of canvas space for displaying and marketing your brand – it mostly comes down to personal preference.Side gusset bags are a popular choice for snack food packaging, dry ingredient packaging and even frozen food packaging.

Why side gusset bag are all the rage in the packaging solutions industry?
-There are a number of factors that can be attributed to the popularity of side gusset pouches; let us take a look at a handful of these reasons.
-To begin with, side gusset pouches combine some of the most intuitive features of its packaging predecessors. They provide the durability of the box pouch and the ease of use and stable structure of the standup pouches. These attributes of the two packaging solutions are great selling points for them alone, and these features combined in the side gusset pouch make it an absolute game-changer.
-In addition to this, not only are side gusset pouches are also liked by consumers because of their aesthetic appeal, but consumers also prefer side gusset pouches due to the fact that they come with added layers of protective barriers that maintain the quality and the integrity of the product that you package within.
-These factors, along with many others, make the side gusset pouch an excellent choice of packaging solutions across many different industries.

Industry Uses For Side Gusset Bag
Side Gusset Bag are widely known and preferred for their attractive shelf presence and flexibility. Whether you chose to present your product bag horizontally or vertically, here are a few ways our customers use this flexible packaging product:
-Large pet food bags
-Cat litter packaging
-Pet bedding
-Coffee packaging
-Tea packaging
-Packaging for baked goods
-Hardware product packaging
-Soil and gardening products
-Industrial Chemicals

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