shrink sleeve


shrink sleeve,it is a kind of film packaging materials which is applied to packaging container,seamed with an openings on the top and bottom to create a "sleeve",once heat is applied to them,the sleeve will begin to shrink or compress to container.

Shrink sleeve is a specific type of product label that is essentially heat-wrapped around an entire product(such as a bottle or can). These labels completely and seamlessly conform to the shape of the product or container. Most often, shrink sleeve labels are made of a polyester or plastic film material.
Shrink sleeve provide some of the most standout design possibilities and often reduce costs and turnaround times. They’re full-body labels that wrap around the entirety of a container, offering 360-degree branding and messaging on your product.
Many brands turn to shrink sleeve manufacturers to enhance the vibrancy of their designs and achieve one-of-a-kind labels. Shrink sleeves can be printed digitally, eliminating the need for printing plates and making them economical for short runs while ensuring the finest printing quality.

Why Choose Shrink Sleeve?

Shrink sleeve labels are full-color, 360-degree printed labels that utilize heat in the application process to conform the label to the shape of the container. The labels are typically printed on either plastic or polyester film material and are commonly used on aluminum cans and glass or plastic bottles.
One of the greatest advantages of using shrink sleeves is that it allows you a 150 percent increase in label real estate compared to pressure sensitive labels. This additional space can be used to help tell your brand story, add more imagery, or make room for all of the regulatory information that needs to go on your label.
Beyond branding, shrink sleeves can function as more than just a label, shrink sleeves can double as tamper-evident sealing to give your products the extra security they need with a perforated shrink cap. Shrink sleeves can also be used to package multiple items together for the purpose of offering it as one product. Because shrink sleeves are form-fitting, you can package different sized and shaped containers, like free samples or two-for-one deals, together easily.
Another benefit of using shrink sleeves is that they are very made of very durable materials. This makes them an excellent labeling option for products like hair care products and beer that are often in humid or moisture-heavy environments like showers and refrigerators.

-Maximize branding opportunities.Shrink sleeve labels conform to your packaging, allowing you to utilize the most space possible to brand your products.
-Full color processing.Work with exactly the colors your design needs to make your label pop while still maintaining your branding style and tone.
-Fast and easy design changes.Variable data printings means that names, colors, QR codes, and more can changed within the same run.
-Waterproof label.All of our shrink sleeve labels are waterproof—a crucial component for containers that are exposed to moisture or humidity.
-Abrasion resistance.The label design is printed on the inside of the shrink sleeve film, so your design remains intact.

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