pouch packaging film


pouch packaging film,also named as pouch packaging film roll stock,it is applied to ffs packing machine to auto form/fill/seal into a certain of flexible pouch.

It is a roll of laminated film. To obtain the roll, the laminated film is wrapped around a cardboard base which is cylindrical in shape. One of the most common uses of roll stock can be seen in the form, fill, and seal machines (FFS).where the FFS machine creates the shape of the bag, feeds the products into it and fills it up, and finally, the bag is then sealed. 
Pouch packaging film brings versatility to your product design. It is conducive horizontal and vertical FFS applications. Compatible with almost any sealing, filling, and forming machinery, the use of the laminated film adds immense productivity and value to your final product. 
Thanks to the use of roll stock, many companies across industries have been able to drastically increase their efficiency and productivity when it comes to production, as well as lower material and labor costs. Indeed,pouch packaging filmhas been shown to can reduce the cost of the packaging by about 25% or more. This is possible on account of the FFS machine that makes bags in line. Nowadays, roll stock is being used in many industries including specialty food, pet food, coffee, meat packaging, and more. 

Why to choose our pouch packaging film for your products packaging?
-This adaptable packaging format is the perfect solution for high speed form, fill and seal applications.Supplied on a roll to your specifications, pouch packaging film can be turned into different packaging pouch/sachet format during the form, fill and seal process.
-pouch packaging film provides the consumer with fresh, attractive packaging that aids in the preservation and protection of their product. Choose a multi-layer film to improve both the design aesthetics and packaging properties with barriers for oxygen, moisture, aroma and light. pouch packaging film meets the needs of many manufacturers, its adaptability allows them to achieve varying sealing, temperature and storage requirements.

-Versatility-pouch packaging film is one of the most flexible packaging formats available. When using FFS technology, the film can be vertically or horizontally fed and crimped off to create any size or depth of pack for single or multi serve products.
-Product Window for Increased Customer Engagement-Increase the levels of consumer engagement with your product by including a clear or frosted window in your pouch packaging film design.
-Barrier Properties-The range of barrier properties available with pouch packaging film is extensive. The barriers are designed to provide extended shelf life properties for your product.
-Finish / Aesthetics- Available in a matt, gloss, tactile, paper feel, de-metalized, unprinted and registered matt finish.
-Filling and Sealing- Hot and cold seal films suitable for filling of wet and dry products. Suitable for horizontal and vertical form fill and seal.
-Materials-multi-layer laminates using materials such as OPP / CPP / PET / PE / PP / NY / ALU / MetPET.
-Printing Process-Gravure print up to 12 colours.

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