flat bottom pouch


flat bottom pouch,also named as box pouch(looks like a brick when it is filled),their flat bottom enables them to steadily stand, thus offering an elegant appearance to attract customers on the shelves,widely used for the packaging of to package spices,chocolate,coffee,tea and etc.

The flat bottom pouch offers more support for easy storage when packing your product. The quad-seals, side-gussets and flat bottom provide rigidity and more filling volume than other flexible packaging pouches. flat bottom pouch bags are a popular choice in a wide variety of industries due to their ability to hold a substantial amount of product in terms of weight and volume while remaining visually appealing on the shelf. We use only the highest quality materials which extend shelf life and allow the contents of the bag to remain fresh for longer. By adding a zip into your flat bottom design, you can preserve your products integrity while offering a multi serve product option.

Optional material structure:




Kraft paper/AL/LLDPE

Appplication of machine:

rotary style pouch filling packing machine

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